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Pirate!Free! postcard set = 7=; for ComicWorld 2014

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hinata just being beautiful.


hinata just being beautiful.

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Took this picture of my dog when I arrived home today, she was pretty happy to see me :)


Took this picture of my dog when I arrived home today, she was pretty happy to see me :)


I really, really hate this fandom. You guys are a bunch of spoiled brats. You read this manga, technically, illegally- since the translations we read for FREE aren’t authorized by the author- and then you bitch about the chapter not coming out right this second.

You can complain when you start paying for the hard copies and shipping costs. Or the subscription to a website like CruncyRoll.

Also, I don’t think any of you understand the pain and suffering that is the writing/drawing process.

Even if it was Mashima that had caused the chapter to be late (see: it’s not, but let’s pretend), he deserves that extra day. He has a life and a family and heaven forbid the man take a day to himself. 

Heaven forbid you weeaboo buttheads have to wait for your feels

The world does not revolve around you and your OTP. Mashima does not owe you a damn thing. You should be appreciative he’s not active in squashing translating sites. Or that he hasn’t prohibited the fans from using his characters in their own pieces because, yes, that is a thing and completely within their right as the creator.

Mashima interacts with his fans and listens to them and takes what they wish to see happen into consideration. (see: Pantherlily and Levy being bumped to main characters. That was a decision solely made because of their increasing popularity with the fans). I would hate for him to hear about y’all belly aching for an illegal release of a project he puts his heart and soul into.

Welcome to the real world- you’re not the center of the universe and instant gratification is a myth.

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Isn’t it funny how the elements that brought them freedom led to their ultimate demise?


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Uchiha Sasuke in Episode 373

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RYU !!



his mom dragged him there

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Hinata for h-i-n-a-chan

sorry this is so shitty 

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Kids show.

yeah this was a pretty graphic finale… it’s still a kids show. But wow. There’s some blood on the ground where P’li blew up.

Don’t forget about the Ghazan suicide scene

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